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Tri-Lock is a permeable, flexible, interlocking concrete erosion control system that provides a high level of hydraulic stability and erosion control in both open channel flows and waves.


  • Tri-Lock is available in several sizes and thicknesses to accommodate a wide range of hydraulic conditions.
  • Tri-Lock does not require cables and may be hand-placed. For underwater or machine placement, Tri-Lock may be cabled onsite or delivered as mats.
  • Tri-Lock has a unique three-directional interlocking geometry that allows it to traverse changes in terrain and be placed around corners without disrupting the placement pattern or using seams.
  • Tri-Lock may be backfilled with crushed rock to provide a durable surface or backfilled with soil and vegetated to provide a more natural appearance.



Tri-Lock Applications

  • Erosion control in streams, rivers, and lakes
  • Levee and reservoir embankment protection
  • Slope protection
  • Channel lining
  • Overflow and drop structures
  • Culvert inlets and outfall protection
  • Shoreline protection from waves and wakes
  • Pipeline watercourse crossing protection
  • Bridge apron and pier scour protection
  • Boat launching ramps
  • Parking areas and light traffic roadways